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The Savannah Series

A Ride That Extends Urban Life to Natural FREYDOM

Savannah is Frey’s introductory line that offers riders a delightful e-bike experience with a reasonable price, it represents the feeling of freedom during field trips in reality. 

Savannah series e-bikes brings you a more effortless riding experience to meet your needs for recreation, fitness, and everyday routines commuting to work. Powerful battery can also help you conquer longer distances (up to 80 kms) and explore much more joy and FREYdom!

Bafang M620 Motor System

M620 is featured with max torque 160 Nm, the BAFANG G510 electric motor has excellent performance on climbing. The G510 motor is really powerful but quite when it works. Take it to exercise and have fun!

SHIMANO Rear Derailleur

The rear derailleur features a SHIMANO SHADOW RD. Intended for more aggressive riding. Its super low profile design carries many benefits. Because of its low profile and single tension construction, the derailleur does not hit the chain stay in rough riding conditions. The result is smooth and silent performance.

Rockshox RECON air fork

With optimised material concentrated at the brace and seal area, outstanding stiffness and steering precision, The RockShox Recon Silver is an all-around performer suited for any MTB.

Choose Your Savannah

Savannah HYBRID

The HYBRID is the entry-level e-bike in the Savannah series. It is a great e-bike for riding in the city but also handles light trails with ease. The Savannah HYBRID is super versatile, comfortable and most important, fun!

Savannah ULTRA

The Savannah ULTRA is the perfect e-bike for both a daily commuter and more aggressive trails. The full-suspension makes for a smooth ride, allowing you to ride faster and longer more comfortably.

The Savannah Series

Liberty Series

Voyager Series