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E-Bikes for the City

"The Savannah Series"

Savannah is Frey’s introductory line that offers riders a delightful e-bike experience at a reasonable price. The Savannah collection represents the feeling of freedom during field trips in reality. 

savannah series frey e-bikes
frey liberty ebike series

E-Bikes for the Trails

"The Liberty Series"

The liberty series are built for those who yearn to cruise through diverse terrains and all kinds of trails. The Liberty’s DNA – empowers the rider with the certainty to calmly master trails, suburbs, beachs, snowing forest, hunting, etc… It represents the feeling of mental freedom.

E-Bikes for the Mountains

"The Voyager Series"

Our most premium series at Frey, Voyager combines the technical capability of downhill and uphill with the endurance of a trail ride. It comes stacked with advanced tech featuring everything we know about racing efficiency, suspension, and durability. Moreover, Voyager is a versatile electric bike that meets the needs of riders looking for outdoor exploration: beastly power and long range power.

frey voyager ebike collection

Our Top Selling E-Bikes

E-Bike FAQ's

Charge your battery before each ride and no need to charge immediately after ride. In-addition, please don’t allow unnecessary charging when the battery is fully charged (green light).

You can store the battery safely at all levels but less than 30% is recommended for longer periods of time.

Store your bike/batteries in a cool, dry secure place and limit exposure to extreme temperatures.

Keep the Battery area clean and try to avoid moisture and sunlight.

It depends on various factors such as the type of bike, battery capacity and riding conditions.

On average, most electric bike batteries last for 500-1000 cycles or 2-5 years.

Most electric bikes come with a charger that can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet.
The charging time depends on the battery, its capacity and the charging rate of the charger.

Its good to get into the habit of learning the time it takes to charge the battery fully from the previous ride.

The battery life of an electric bike can vary depending on several factors, including the power of the
motor, the capacity of the battery and the riding conditions.

On average, electric bike batteries last between 30-50 miles on a single charge, but some high-end models can last up to 100 miles or

An electric bike needs to have a motor and a battery. These will always make it heavier than a standard bike. In addition, it’s likely to be built more substantially, with more robust components than a standard bike to handle the extra power from the motor.

For most electric bike riders, the extra assistance provided by the motor isn’t going to
turn them into pro-level performers. Instead, it will make riding a bike more enjoyable,
letting them ride further and helping out on hills when needed. 

Some riders just want to use their electric bikes for shopping or commuting. An e-bike makes these tasks alot more comfortable (and less sweaty) experience.

Others may want to ride with friends who are in better shape. With the help of an e-bike they won’t be left behind.