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The Liberty Series

An Awesome All-Around E-Bike for Every Generation

All-Rounders by design, the liberty series are built for those who yearn to cruise through diverse terrains and all kinds of trails.

The Liberty Series features Fat Tires, Bafang M620 motor, 1008WH big battery system, and SRAM X5 9 speed derailleur set.

All these features empower the rider with the certainty to calmly master trails, suburb, beach, snowing forest, hunting, etc…

The Liberty Series represents the feeling of mental freedom.

1008WH Big Battery System

Featuring an extended range, long service life, and an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS), our batteries are among the most technologically advanced on the market.

frey liberty series ebike tires

26" Fat Wheelsets

Massive fat tires to tackle any kind of terrain. They not only add more traction and stability but also a lot of attention. Yes, they are puncture-resistant. Be in the spotlight.

SHIMANO Rear Derailleur

The liberty series rear derailleur features a SHIMANO SHADOW RD. Intended for more aggressive riding. Its super low profile design carries many benefits. Because of its low profile and single tension construction, the derailleur does not hit the chain stay in rough riding conditions. The result is smooth and silent performance.

Which Liberty Is Right For You


Compared to the HYBRID, the ULTRA was designed with a full-suspension feature which reduces most of the jarring bumps. The Liberty ULTRA can handle more advanced trails while providing an experience of dissipating fatigue. The full suspension allows you to ride faster and longer.

The Liberty Series