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About Us

One may describe freedom as a luxury, at FREY, we believe that it is a right. It is a right for wanderlusts everywhere to see the unseen; It is a right for e-bikes geeks everywhere to see their dreams come true; It is a right commuters everywhere to enjoy a hassle free experience.

Or as we like to call it,   FREYdom.


Our Vision

“To design and manufacture amazing, energy efficient e-bikes with quality components for all types of riders.”

 We believe in the future of e-mountain bikes and how they will shape our ability to travel from one point to another. We are bringing that dream to reality, one e-bike at a time. 

Our Mission

“Frey produces ultra powered e-mountain bikes that people need and want. From the enthusiast level to extreme riders, you’ll find the best e-bikes at a very reasonable price.”

Our passion for mountain biking, combined with our expertise in design, we have been able to create some of the best e-bikes today. We take extreme pride in developing an e-bike that won’t break the bank, only pavements and rocks!


High-End Specs

  1. Our industry leading power and battery system allows you to reach further into nature.
  2. Customizable parts and builds for bike enthusiasts who want a truly unique bike of their own.
  3. High-end specs allow commuters to replace cars, stepping into the future of true zero carbon footprint mode of transportation.


Frey e-bikes feature the highest quality components at an affordable price point, fulfilling the “no compromises” ideology that only very few brands can achieve.

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